Imagine a world where waste is a thing of the past and every resource is used to its fullest potential: that's Upsyde. Upsyde sets in motion a creative and disruptive model of dealing with hard-to-recycle plastic waste. Through a patented "waste-to-parts" technology, sustainable circular goods are produced, creating shared value for partners, and delivering economic and sustainable benefits for business and society.

Our upbringing to the market is happening today and it's being, as us, empowered by Braskem. Braskem is the majority shareholder at Upsyde and has a long list of actions in sustainability and innovation. Braskem has the goal is to repurpose 1,5 million tons of plastic waste by 2030, and Upsyde is a key contributor in that effort.

Alexander Van Veen, managing director at Braskem & Upsyde, reinforces why Upsyde is relevant: "The plastic waste problem is urgent and, more than ever, solutions that deliver immediate results towards circular economy are crucial. With Upsyde, we invite retailers, brand-owners to become our partners by contributing to circularity today. Upsyde is looking for partners that want to increase their consumption of products with recycled content. Upsyde brings to action the commitments of Braskem, right here in Europe."

Finally, we want to highlight that at Upsyde, our vision is that together we can move faster towards a circular economy. At Upsyde, we engage in successful partnerships with customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders to generate positive value and ultimately reshape the future. We push the boundaries for effective results and optimization for businesses, while building positive impact to the environment and society.

Upsyde. Circular thinking. Sustainable making.

24 April 2023